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Alpha Abrasives

Plastic Sanding Needles

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Plastic Sanding Needles

Alpha's Plastic Sanding Needles are perfect for getting into very small areas that are nearly impossible with conventional tools. Ideal for fine detailed work, removing flash on casting seams in tight corners, compound curves, sculpting miniatures, metal clay and decorative work.

The coarsest (grey 150 grit) Sanding Needle is perfect for the initial stage of the finishing process and can be used to remove deep imperfections or surface defects. The medium (blue 240 grit) Sanding Needle, used next, allows you to smooth and eliminate the coarser scratches created during initial sanding. Finally, the finest (white 320) Sanding Needle levels and smooth’s providing a delicate touch that prevents excessive material loss during your final finishing stage. 

Perfect for plastic, resin, metals, clays or wood.  Sanding Needles are washable, reusable, and excess material left behind can be removed and cleaned using our Abrasive Cleaning Disc adding to performance and extended product life.

Each pack contains 8 Plastic Sanding Needles, available in 150 Grit Grey, 240 Grit Blue and 320 Grit White

Assorted 9 pack contains 3 of each grit Sanding Needles