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Albion Alloys

Brass Rod

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Brass Rod

               Dimensions         Total Length

BW02       0.2mm               30.48cm (12")

BW03       0.3mm               30.48cm (12")

BW04       0.4mm                30.48cm (12")

BW045     0.45mm              30.48cm (12")

BW05       0.5mm                30.48cm (12")

BW08       0.8mm                30.48cm (12")        

BW10       1.0mm                30.48cm (12")

BW15       1.5mm                30.48cm (12")

BW20       2.0mm                30.48cm (12")

BW25       2.5mm                30.48cm (12")

BW30       3.0mm                30.48cm (12")

Albion Alloys has been supplying the highest quality metals for over 20 years.  Manufactured to very tight tolerances all tubes are cold drawn and seamless.

Advantages of Albion Alloys Metals:

  • High Quality—tight tolerance production ensures the slide fit tubes are the best fit
  • Easy to prepare, glue, solder & paint
  • Wide Range & Cross Compatible—rod sizes are designed to slide fit into the tubes
  • Connecto Range—create all kinds of complex shapes & structures

Albion Alloys Metals Are Used For:

  • Model Making
  • Architectural Design
  • Prototype Design
  • Robotics
  • School/University Projects