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Micro Cloth Refill Tapes

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Micro Cloth Refill Tapes

These Flex-I-File Abrasive Tapes are produced with our Micro Finishing Cloth backing making them flexible, durable and perfect for polishing and finishing. Abrasive Tapes readily adapt to surface structures and follow inside and outside contours. Tapes also have the ability to thread through small openings, perfect for those hard to reach work areas.

Unlike common abrasives, Micro Cloth produces a fine even scratch pattern without creating deep uneven scratches which are difficult to remove. Micro Cloth is made with a special cushion layer that allows the abrasive crystals to float, allowing the abrasives to produce a finer more consistent pattern.

Each pack contains 6 Micro Finishing Cloth Tapes

Assorted pack contains 1 Micro Cloth Abrasive Tape of each grit

Available in 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12 000 Grits