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#7112 Plast-I-Weld

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The Plast-I-Weld is a-clear plastic fusing adhesive (not a glue) is an odorless and non flammable liquid. This product dissolves plastics and can form welded joints on plastic parts. The latest state-of-the-art approach for making fast, neat, and permanent bonds on ABS, Styrene, Butyrate, and Acrylic plastics. Its unique “low surface tension” formula assures speedy absorption into the joint, resulting in tight, secure bonds.  

Plast-I-Weld is a solvent cement that softens and melts the plastic (not a glue). Use on ABS, Styrene & Acrylic Plastics. Bonding time is usually between 10-15 seconds. Full cure is approximately 10 minutes, depending on room temperature. Specially designed for the Touch-n-Flow System.