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#7000 The Touch-N-Flow System

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The Touch-N-Flow is a lightweight, easy-to-handle and use applicator, exclusively designed for dispensing liquid solvent cements. This product is gravity fed allowing an exact application of solvent cement according to the angle it’s held at.


Save your brushes for painting; with Touch-N-Flow you can...

  • Join Seams with a Continuous Application
  • Apply a Micro-Droplet of solvent cement with Pin-Point Accuracy
  • Reach into Tight Corners and areas
  • Eliminate Runs or Smears
  • Touch-N-Flow holds plastic solvent cements ready for immediate use

Plast-I-Weld is a solvent cement that softens and melts the plastic (not a glue). Use on ABS, Styrene & Acrylic Plastics. Bonding time is usually between 10-15 seconds. Full cure is approximately 10 minutes, depending on room temperature.

Touch-N-Flow Systems contains the Touch-N-Flow Applicator, Filler Squeeze Bottle and 2oz bottle of Plast-I-Weld solvent cement