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#301 "3 In 1" Set

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When Flex-I-File Abrasive Tapes are secured onto the lightweight Sanding Frame the Abrasive Tapes will bend and conform to any work surface. Abrasive Tapes can also be threaded through small openings, great for hard to reach areas other sanding tools just cannot fit into.

Great for removing flash from plastic or metal casting, smooth’s, and polishes rough surfaces and seams. Tough and flexible design, Abrasive Tapes can be used on wet or dry applications.

Contains 3 Anodized Aluminum Frames and 13 Assorted Abrasive Refill Tapes, 2 600 Grit Tapes, 4 Grey 320 Grit Tapes, 4 Garnet 280 Grit Tapes & 4 Black 150 Grit Tapes