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Creative Craft System #8123

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Kit Includes 1 Sanding Frame 2 Red 600grit tapes, 3 Peach 320grit tapes, 4 Spring Green 220grit tapes, 4 Dark Purple 100grit tapes

Our innovative Abrasive Tapes are the ultimate sanding tool designed to adapt and conform to any work surface flawlessly, ensuring you achieve smooth and even results without leaving uneven or flat spots on your project.

These tapes are your go-to solution for sanding and smoothing with precision, easily adapting to surfaces and conveniently threading through openings and detailed shapes. Say goodbye to struggles in difficult-to-reach or obscure areas! Whether you need to remove flashing, seam lines, imperfections, or burrs from plastic or metals, our tough yet flexible abrasive tapes are up for the task. They perform equally well in wet or dry applications, adding to their versatility.

Their comfortable design and sanding frame allow for easy handling. Simply attach the opening ends of the abrasive tape onto the aluminum metal frame, and you're ready to start sanding! With this user-friendly setup, you can achieve a smooth and professional finish every time.

Our abrasive tapes come in a wide assortment of grits, ranging from coarse to extra fine, catering to various project needs.